A very poor image chosen by the BBC to portray the football World Cup 2014 in Brazil… What exactly is the meaning of a man holding his own head? How is this in any way a wholesome or representative image?

This lack of tact is not at all surprising given the BBC’s historic tacit support for the Syrian ‘rebels’ (read: Islamist jihadists associated directly with Al-Qaeda) over the last 2 years, via both selective reporting and op-ed articles effectively defending their cannibalism and other heinous atrocities (including unsurprisingly, beheadings) against Christians, Syrian troops and others.

Are we meant to subconsciously infer that the BBC sees no issue with such heinous acts? Does the BBC champion beheadings? Does this image make light of such?

Of course this is a deliberate stretch of logic to highlight the BBC’s highly selective reporting. That on the other hand is by no means a stretch.

Wake up and you will start to notice it. Get your ‘news’ from multiple sources and you may well see you are being roundly lied to on many, many occasions…

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