Most thought the man would be a good change for America…

There are even some that thought the man would be some type of new messiah…

Is it because George Bush was so very bad..? Very possible.

Is it because we had all had enough of persistent American adventurism and neo-imperialism in the guise of benevolence toward other nations..? Almost definitely.

The sad fact is that if we expected more than we got from Bush then 5 years later Barack Obama is a complete and utter failure. There really is no way to put a positive spin on his actions, and to suggest otherwise is both intellectually and morally dishonest.

This is not a Democrat or Republican or even a Libertarian issue. This is an issue of egoism, perjury, corruption, self interest, law breaking and Constitution trampling. There is nothing that should prevent the man from being impeached.

In almost every way Obama has performed worse than Bush and at present his approval rating stands lower than Bush at the same period in his second term.

He currently stands without any sort of positive legacy…

Unfortunately when you point these things out there are always people who will inexplicably and without justification accuse you of being a racist. These people do not live in the real world and should be ignored for the race-baiters they really are. Last I heard criminal law applied to everybody regardless of age, race, gender or sexual inclination…

Have a good read of the 252 examples of Obama’s lying, corruption and cronyism in the article below, the vast majority of which are backed up by an article offering more detail.


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