The reality of the aftermath of a pointless war. This BBC documentary explores the current state of Iraq, ten years after the death of Saddam Hussein.

The illegal war on Iraq, based on false evidence, resulted in the deaths of between 120 000 and 900 000 Iraqi civilian men, women and children.

It has left the country and its people in a condition much worse than that under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

War criminals Tony Blair and George Bush are millionaires whilst these people suffer daily. So much for a ‘just war’…

Will you speak out against the wars that will visit Syria and Iran before the West decides it is time to invade after all?

Or will you do nothing, say nothing, and simply go along with the murder of another million or so more normal men, women and children?

There is always an outcry about gun control when a mentally ill person shoots and kills a few children in an American school, yet when it comes to hundreds of children being illegally murdered by missiles fired by drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somali and Yemen we are all strangely silent and accepting.

When the West makes moves towards yet another dubious war we remain silent and accepting.

These wars are not about terrorism, they are not about nuclear abilities, they are not about chemical weapons. These wars are an expression of hegemony, neo-imperialism and corporate gain. There is no moral high ground, there is only power and money.

Will you dedicate this single hour of your time to listen to this documentary and learn at least some of the truth?

I’ll leave you with a quote often misattributed to Josef Stalin which states:
“…a death of one man is a death, a death of two million people – simply statistic…”.

Even the simple act of sharing articles and speaking to your friends and family about these issues can create a change of popular perception about the Iraq war and future wars.

Will you share and comment or dismiss and ignore? Be on the right side of history.

AFTER SADDAM – BBC Radio 4 – Crossing Continents
Part 1:
Part 2:

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