You hold an account with a bank which you pay a fee for every month. You tell your bank you wish to withdraw your funds and close your account.

How much would you trust your bank if they said you could only have your money in 7 years time?

You are Germany, your money is Germany’s gold, and your bank is the US Federal Reserve.

There is a very good chance the Federal Reserve has sold Germany’s gold to plug holes in their finances.

This is a very bad sign amongst many bad signs regards the US economy.

Add to this the estimated (not the official figure of $17 trillion) US national deficit of potentially $200 TRILLION and we have a very serious problem.

$200 trillion is more than 13 times the US GDP…
$200 trillion is almost 3 times the GDP of the entire world…

The US has no hope of ever paying off their debt. There are rumours that the country is already bankrupt and the only thing keeping it going is yet more borrowing. You can see the problem with this…

Something has to break and when it does you can expect a vicious government crackdown to quell the expected massive dissent. There are plentiful rumours that the government has been preparing for this dissent for years. These rumours are so strong and so credible that they are getting harder and harder to ignore or even keep out of the mainstream media.

The massive loss of confidence in the US economy will crash the world stock markets and cause the US dollar to be rejected as the world reserve currency. Every country on the planet will be affected so ignoring it is not going to help you.

I would love to be wrong.

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