To set the scene let’s first remember that Afghanistan was invaded in response to 9/11 which was allegedly carried out by Saudi Arabians.

We were sold the story that Bin Laden was being harboured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban were painted as terrorists so this made it doubly acceptable to wade in and start bombing and killing.

When nothing came of the Bin Laden story we were told the West would be fighting the illegal heroin trade in Afghanistan even though the Taliban themselves had already massively suppressed this trade as being against their beliefs.

In the ensuing 10 years the heroin trade has increased exponentially, billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of lives have been lost.

The Taliban have regrouped and will almost certainly take control of Afghanistan again when the US troops leave.

Recently the US initiated dialogue with the Taliban even though their historical line has always been that they ‘…do not negotiate with terrorists…’.

Now we learn that these contractors will remain in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.

Tell me what has been gained from this illegal war apart from senseless death and having soldiers guard poppy fields and drug shipments to the West (look it up if you doubt it).

‘…not only is the number of private contractors in Afghanistan increasing, but the Pentagon is also unable to tell what they are even doing there…’

‘…there are now 110 000 private contractors in Afghanistan (over 30,000 of whom are Americans), far more than the 65,700 U.S. troops still there…roughly 18,000 of which are private security contractors [mercenaries]…’

‘…the increase…is yet another indication that although the vast majority of troops are leaving Afghanistan, a private army will remain in the country for years…”

‘…not only does the growing use of private contractors give lie to the idea of a withdrawal from the country, but they are also very costly…reports that “over the last six fiscal years, DOD (Department of Defense) obligations for contracts performed in the Iraq and Afghanistan areas of operation were approximately $160 billion and exceeded total contract obligations of any other U.S. federal agency.”…’

‘…the Pentagon lacked the ability to document the work each contractor is performing. It also found even when the government has information on contractors, it’s often inaccurate and doesn’t reflect the actual work being done. This leaves the Pentagon unable to determine if the hundreds of billions it’s spending are leading to effective results…[thus]…the Pentagon is not even able to determine what they are doing or whether it is effective…hindering its ability to tell whether the work of contractors is contributing to “achieving the mission.”..’

‘…The U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been massive, and destructive, wastes of lives and money. Although the U.S. and its allies say that they plan to remove combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014, this will in no way be the end of the West’s presence in the country…much of the work currently done by the military will be done by the private contractors after the military leaves…’

‘…the foreign occupation, by what one analyst has called “a de facto army,” looks set to continue on…’


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