How the media overtly influences public opinion…case in point at the moment is Syria.

Why exactly is it that the West is supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria?

A bizarre statement? Well here is some background:

The USA has, for over a year now, has been funding and arming the Syrian ‘rebels’ fighting the Syrian government led by Bashar al-Assad. This has been done by funneling money and weapons to anti-Assad Saudi Arabia and Qatar which are delivered mainly across the Turkish border (Turkey is conveniently also anti-Assad).

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are generally considered to cleave to Sunni Islam with Saudi Arabia being a superpower in the Arab region. The other major Arab superpower is Iran which is largely Shi’a Islam. The historic conflict between Sunni and Shi’a naturally puts these two powers at odds with Saudi Arabia especially seeing Iran as a threat to their dominance in the Arab world.

Iran is a historic ally of Syria and the two countries have a mutual defence agreement which means they are compelled to come to the aid of the other if attacked. This is despite the fact the Syrian government is largely secular, with all religions generally being at peace with each other. It is worth noting that Assad has also historically protected Christian minorities within Syria.

So this explains why Saudi Arabia and Qatar are anti-Assad. They want the current government ousted so that Iran is left without allies in the region, thus weakening their position. Their support of the anti-Assad ‘rebels’ along with US backing is their way of attempting to achieve this aim. Saudi Arabia has gone as far as publicly offering to pay all costs of a US invasion of Syria. You can’t get more blatant than that. The US however cannot be as obvious hence their enlisting of Saudi and Qatar to do their gun-running for them.

The CIA and private military contractors (mercenaries) have been training the ‘rebels’ across the border in Jordan (another US ally). This has been happening covertly for over a year and a half but has only been officially admitted by the US in the last couple of weeks.

Now to the ‘rebels’ themselves. They are comprised of fighters from allegedly over 25 different countries. This makes it very difficult to call them ‘Syrian’ at all. These are Islamist fighters wanting to wage ‘jihad’ or holy war for Islam.

The fighters are split into all sorts of different groups and factions but the important bit is that the dominant group doing most of the heavy fighting is Jabhat Al Nusra, which is an associate of AL-QAEDA…

Yes, Al-Qaeda…the terrorists the West has been fighting for over a decade, leading to the deaths of over a MILLION people on all sides and the waste of TRILLIONS of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those guys.

Al-Qaeda. This is who the US is backing and funding. Is that clear enough for you to understand just how ludicrous the situation is? The US even officially designates Jabhat Al Nusra as a ‘terrorist organisation’ and yet they are funding and arming them…

However…the worldwide corporate and state media have been weaving the narrative for many, many months that the ‘rebels’ are good and the Syrian government is all bad.

When exactly did it become acceptable to fund, arm and train Al-Qaeda?!

Now nobody is suggesting that the Syrian government is blameless because they are not, but here are just a few examples of the hundreds of atrocities the ‘rebels’ have been perpetrating:

Chemical attacks (believe it or not, confirmed by the UN earlier this year).
Raping Christian nuns.
Beheading Christians.
Throwing people from the roofs of buildings to their deaths.
Executing captured soldiers (on camera).
Beheading a 15 year old Islamic boy who ‘disrespected’ them.
Desecrating the bodies of dead Syrian soldiers and in one case eating the lung of one soldier (on camera).
Dismembering a 6 year old girl with a frame saw while she was still alive (on camera).
Beheading a female toddler and parading her corpse around (on camera).

Be very aware that the media is manipulating you. Did you see or read any of these examples above?

Even very recently a lot of mainstream media reports on the Kenya mall attack by the Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab have deliberately not used the terms ‘terrorist’, ‘Islamist’, ‘jihadist’ or any reference to Islam.

There is a wider game being played that I am not all that sure of, but it seems as though we are being led somewhere. Where I don’t yet know.

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